Social Media Guidelines & Standards

We welcome and encourage your participation in online social media groups and communities. We encourage you to join a conversation, share, or simply check out what’s happening via our Twitter profile, our Facebook Fan Page, YouTube channel, LinkedIn company page and our Flickr account. We look forward to hearing from you!

To ensure our online communities are positive and supportive, please take note of the following:

Clearent’s policy on comments and other content on our sites:

  • We welcome comments on our blog. Comments should be relevant to the post that you are commenting on.
  • We will not remove “negative” comments.
  • We will remove any profane, obscene, threatening, defamatory or slanderous language or imagery.
  • We may remove comments or posts that are off-topic, clearly spam or otherwise inappropriate.
  • We reserve the right to reprint or quote any post along with the name or username of the individual who made the post.
  • We may ban repeat offenders from adding comments or other content.
  • We can modify these Social Media Community Standards at any time.

Please avoid:

  • Unsolicited promotion of products or services.
  • Material that violates the privacy of our clients and employees.
  • Material that breaches the confidentiality of Clearent’s business information.
  • Profane, obscene, threatening, defamatory or slanderous language or imagery.
  • Material that infringes on intellectual property or publication rights.