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What Type of Business Owner Are You?


Did you know that your personality can have an impact on the decisions you make and the overall success of your business? Take this short quiz to find what your business owner personality is and get tips for making the most of your unique style.

It’s the end of the quarter and your revenue is slightly lower than what you projected. You…

Protip IconPro Tip: Just 12% of consumers pay with cash. Taking your business from a cash-only operation to one that accepts credit and debit cards can significantly broaden your customer base and increase average transaction amounts

Your office lease is up in 3 months and you’ve decided not to renew your lease. The current space lacks personality and while it’s close to home for you, it’s not centrally located. Plus, if you grow as planned next year, you won’t have enough space for your new employees. You’ve narrowed your search down to three possibilities. Which do you choose?

Protip IconPro Tip: Most property owners expect to negotiate lease prices. If the space that works best for your business is outside your budget, negotiate a lower payment to get what you want and need.

Several of your long-term clients habitually pay invoices at least 60 days late, causing cash flow problems that make it difficult for you to pay your vendors on-time. You…

Protip IconPro Tip: The ability to accept credit cards and e-payments makes paying invoices more convenient for your customers, and gets you paid faster. Also consider requiring 50% upfront for large orders.

The holidays – your busiest time of year – are fast approaching and you want to ensure that your two brick and mortar stores are ready for the onslaught of traffic. Last year, the biggest issue you encountered were lost sales and complaints due to long check-out lines. What do you do?

Protip IconPro Tip: Accepting credit and debit cards frees your in-store staff up to speed customers through the check-out process, saves time counting out cash after close each night and keeps your cash flow steady.

Last year, more than half of your orders were one-time service calls. A new fiscal year is just around the corner and one of your goals is to increase your company’s revenue by 30%. To that end, you…

Protip IconPro Tip: Consider offering a discount to entice customers to switch to a monthly recurring service, versus one-time or occasional service calls. Even though it will decrease your hourly rate, your total revenue will go up and you’ll lock customers into longer-terms.

Even though your customer base is small, your business is turning a profit. Still, you know that in order to keep growing, you’ll need to find new customers and reach a larger audience of prospects. You…

Protip IconPro Tip: The simpler your loyalty program is, the more successfully it will be. Stick with a simple points system that rewards customers for shopping with you more frequently

​While revenue is strong, cash flow continues to be a problem. Money seems to go out faster than it comes in and your late hours mean not every sale is posted in time to meet the next-day funding cut off. What do you do?

Protip IconPro Tip: Cash-only business risk losing sales to competitors that offer more convenient payment methods. Instead, work with a credit card processor that can offer you an industry-best 11pm deadline so that funds will still be deposited first thing in the morning.

What type of business owner are you?

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Your business owner type is:
The Decisive Leader

You’re a born leader and not one to waste time making long pros and cons lists. One of your strongest assets is your ability to make a quick decision. While your confidence is why others turn to you for advice, some people may interpret it as arrogance. While you hold tightly to your convictions, you tend to have a difficult time seeing other points of view. Next time you’re faced with a big decision, know that it’s perfectly acceptable to pause, consider alternative solutions and weigh the options before speaking up.

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Your business owner type is:
The Creative Collaborator

When a creative solution is needed, you’re the one for the job! You’re a decisive but thoughtful team player and enjoy coming up with unique solutions to tough challenges. Tight deadlines can be stressful for someone like you who prefers to let the best ideas come naturally. Try putting multiple deadlines on a project to see what you and your team can come up with in various timeframes. You might be surprised at what your employees are capable of coming up with under pressure!

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Your business owner type is:
The Thoughtful Delegator

You’re a task-oriented people-person, which makes you a naturally organized leader. You excel at giving your employees opportunities to shine and take the time to set them up for success. You tend to shy away from making quick decisions, which can slow down some processes and derail projects a bit. Since you’re so employee-oriented, you may feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of making decisions on your own. Practice tackling smaller challenges that require making a decision on the fly. With some practice, you’ll be more confident in your ability to be decisive, and to let yourself shine once in a while, too.

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