Get to know Tablet POS.

Tablet POS systems are ideal for retail and quick- and full-service restaurants looking to grow. In addition to accepting payments, they provide promotions, analytics, labor management, rewards and much more. All at a fraction of the cost and counter space of a traditional POS system.

We partner with Instore, the iPad POS loved by small businesses everywhere, to offer tablet POS solutions. The Instore Pro platform includes labor management, customer rewards, CRM, marketing, gift cards, reporting, barcode scanning and more. Businesses seeking an even simpler solution can use Instore Terminal, which combines payments, gift cards, rewards and a CRM solution for one low price.

Already have a tablet POS but want to switch to a Clearent merchant account? Come on over. We’re compatible with most leading tablet POS solutions and changing processors is easy. We will walk you through it step by step.

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Our promise to you

  • No hidden fees
  • Transparent pricing
  • Easy-to-read monthly statements
  • Friendly, reliable customer service
  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Next Day Funding

Inside Tablet POS

Cost Effective

Tablet POS systems are much cheaper than traditional POS systems, yet offer many of the same features without the expensive maintenance contracts. Or counter space.

Build a Robust Customer Database

Track your customers the fast and easy way. You can build a robust customer database, including contact information, full order history and link a card on file – all without any data entry.

Drive Repeat Business

Tablet POS solutions help you reward customers for how much they spend, develop and send product promotions and coupons, and customize your receipts.   

Monthly Statements You Can Actually Understand

If your current merchant statement seems vague, you could be missing out on how much you’re actually paying. We believe that vague = misleading. That’s why we keep our statements simple and clear. We don’t believe in hidden fees or pricing tricks, and our merchant statement proves it.

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