Payment gateway integration made easy.

A straightforward integration to our QuestTM Payment Gateway through a single, REST-based API. Tell the device to make a payment and it does the heavy lifting and returns the response to the POS. Check out our Developer Center to see for yourself. Our most common integrations are traditional semi-integrated EMV, semi-integrated Cloud EMV, full integration, and hosted payments.


With our semi-integrated EMV solutions, a simple integration is all you need to streamline the EMV migration process, which will save you time and money. Because payment data moves directly to the processor without going through the POS, the software vendor is not within the scope for PCI.

Our Cloud EMV integration takes semi-integration to the cloud. When you integrate to Clearent’s Cloud EMV, you only need to worry about integrating once. With a single integration to the cloud, you can offer your customers multiple payment device options. As Clearent’s device options grow, so do yours. It’s as simple as that.


In an integrated solution, the payment application is part-and-parcel with the core POS, putting the POS into the PCI scope.

Hosted Payments Page

You can stay out of PCI scope altogether using our Hosted Payments Page. You can customize the page with your branding and handle all of the payment data so that it doesn’t enter your solution. This keeps you out of scope for PCI Compliance. Using our Hosted Payments Page, you can reduce your merchant’s PCI scope, which allows them to take a shorter PCI self-assessment questionnaire. Another popular scenario is offering swiped transactions with our Hosted Payments Page for software and web-based POS.

Benefits of working with Clearent

  • Recurring revenue stream
  • Dedicated implementation support
  • Turnkey co-branded marketing campaigns
  • Access to analytics with Compass Online Reporting Tool
  • No hidden fees, easy-to-read statements
  • 24/7/365 technical customer service
Craig Johnson, Lead Software Developer, SPOT Business Systems

We’ve done quite a few payment integrations over the last 20 years. Our API integration process with Clearent was light-years ahead of other vendors we’ve worked with. It was the fastest and easiest integration we’ve ever done.

-Craig Johnson, Lead Software Developer, SPOT Business Systems

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