Cash Discount, Non-Cash Adjustments & Surcharging

Reduce churn and cultivate stronger, more profitable relationships

Help your customers save money on payment processing with cash discounting, non-cash adjustments & surcharging

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   In this Chapter:

  • How business owners can reduce their payment processing costs by 75%-95% when they share their processing fees with their customers. 
  • The difference between a true cash discount, a surcharge, and a non-cash adjustment and which one is best for your business
  • How to legally share credit card processing costs with customers in compliance with the card brands and state regulations

Help your customers save money on credit card processing with Cash Discounting and Surcharging.

In 2019, business owners that participate in a cash discounting or surcharging program are projected to save $8,400,000 in processing fees.

This breaks down to an average savings of $9,500 a year per business simply by sharing their processing costs with their customers.


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