Semi-Integration Goes to the Cloud and Grows Up

By now, every retailer should be aware of how influential a quick and efficient point-of-sale (POS) transaction is on its customers’ shopping experience. But retailers may not be aware of just how critical it is to move their semi-integrations (ones that are compliant with the payment card industry’s EMV standards) to the cloud. This is critical because it continues delivering top-notch satisfaction in the most cost-efficient way.

And for context, EMV — short for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa — is the acronym that represents the technology behind those little square chips on your credit cards.

Given the variety of online shopping options available, a customer’s motivation to visit a physical store has less to do with price and more to do with the positive emotional and physical effects the store delivers. This includes tangible elements like layout, lighting, selection, and attentive sales associates. Then it moves right to the transaction. The checkout process must never be perceived as a tedious retail formality — it is as much a valuable part of the shopping event as anything else.

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