American Express® Merchant Financing Terms & Conditions

Eligibility, loan amount and loan fee will be determined at the discretion of American Express following a review of information obtained during the application process as well as, if applicable, forecasted credit and debit card receivables. Financing is not guaranteed. American Express® Merchant Financing products are commercial loans, not purchases or discounting of receivables, and are secured by business assets, excluding real property and motor vehicles. To be eligible for Merchant Financing, business must accept American Express Cards and meet additional criteria available at For loans of $35,000 or less, a personal guaranty may be required. This offer is not transferable. A loan fee will apply. Loan fee will vary by customer; eligibility for lowest available loan fee is based on a variety of factors, including processing arrangements, referral source, creditworthiness and history with American Express. Late fees and fees for insufficient funds may apply. Additional terms and conditions apply. For more information, please call 855.298.1209.