Clearent Virtual Terminal

Accept and manage payments virtually anywhere.
No software. No terminals. No fuss.


Are you looking for an easy, secure way to accept payments without a physical terminal or POS software? Do you need an all-in-one back office payments manager; you can access from any device with an internet connection? Or maybe you need a recurring payments solution to help you automate and streamline your collection process.

If so, the Virtual Terminal from Clearent could be just the solution you’re looking for!

With ease of use, versatility and efficiency in mind, Clearent Virtual Terminal is perfect for offices, non-profits, lawyers, and medical practices alike. It’s easy to use and works without software or traditional credit card terminals, so that you can accept and manage payments virtually anywhere.

Easy Payments Acceptance
Meets Back Office Management

Accept Payments.

  • On Your Desktop or Mobile Device
  • In Person or Over the Phone – Swiped or Keyed
  • Online with our Hosted Payment Buttons
  • Automatically with Recurring Billing
  • Using Digital Signature with Capture

Manage Transactions.

  • Single Location for Managing Your Hosted Payments, Virtual Terminal, Recurring Payments, and More
  • Flexible Transaction Types – Sale, Authorization, Pending Authorization, Forced Sale
  • Easy Transaction Management – Capture, Tip Adjust, Refund, Void
  • Print or Email Receipts
  • Flexible Batch Times and Management
  • Comprehensive Search Tool – Card Number, Batch Number, Transaction ID, Date, Invoice Number, Order Number, Customer ID and Customer Name
  • Customize Recurring Billing Frequencies – Weekly, Monthly, Annually and More

Run Your Business.

  • Easily Reconcile Your Activity Using Invoice Numbers or Order Numbers
  • Store Customer Cards On File in Clearent’s Secure Digital Card Vault
  • True Next Day Funding with Industry Best 11 P.M. Close

Protect Yourself.

  • 3rd Party PCI-DSS Validated
  • Point to Point Encrypted Card Readers
  • Fraud Prevention Settings – Card Security Code (CSC) and Address Verification System (AVS)
  • PCI Out of Scope Hosted Payments
  • Tokenized Cards on File


What It Means for Your Business

Having access to our Virtual Terminal across any web connected device, from desktop to mobile, gives you the flexibility you need to accept payments anytime, anywhere. Here’s how the cost-effective Virtual Terminal from Clearent can help your business:

  • EASILY ACCEPT PAYMENTS ANYWHERE, across any device with a web connection using our Virtual Terminal’s responsive design and with one of our mobile card readers.*
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY by managing your transactions, batches, fraud settings, customers, cards on file, recurring payments, Hosted Payments, and more from a single convenient back office payments manager.
  • SAVE TIME AND INCREASE CASH FLOW when you use the recurring payments feature to replace checks and invoices, and automate your billing schedule and cash flow.
  • EASY, NO FUSS PAYMENTS because our Virtual Terminal is web based. This means you don’t have to pay for and download special software or have a physical card terminal. With zero setup time and an intuitive design that works on any web-connected device, it’s fast and easy for your staff to access, learn, and use.
  • CONVENIENT ALL IN ONE SOLUTION that combines Clearent’s in-house processing platform and merchant services with Clearent’s Virtual Terminal, eCommerce solutions and POS devices. No middlemen or third party gateways to log into or separate accounts to manage. Everything you need, across all of your payment sources is located in one place.
  • SIMPLE PCI COMPLIANCE when you accept cards through our PCI-DSS Validated Virtual Terminal and encrypted card readers.*

The Clearent Advantage

When you use the Clearent Virtual Terminal you will also receive all of the other unique benefits that go hand-in-hand with Clearent’s payment processing services. This means that you will benefit from our Next Day Funding service, which has one of the latest cutoff times in the industry, and get best-in-class online reporting tools, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and one of the clearest, most detailed statements in the industry.

* The MagTek Dynamag (USB) can be connected to laptop and desktop computers, and the MagTek BulleT (Bluetooth) works with Android tablets and phones. iOS users can process payments by using the mobile browser on their device and keying in the payment.

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