American Express OptBlue Program



OptBlue Clearent is pleased to offer the American Express OptBlue® Program to its merchants and sales partners! Accepting American Express is now integrated into the same process merchants use today for other card brands.

Thanks to the OptBlue program, merchants can streamline their workflow and spend less time on back-office duties so they can focus on the things that will really help them grow their business. Plus, merchants will now have one customer service contact, one statement, and one deposit for all card brands.

One Provider: One merchant services provider so it's easy to get ansers. One Statement: A slingle statement for all the cards you accept. One Deposit: Get paid at the same time as you do for other card brands to maximize cash flow

Merchants Trust Clearent to Provide Great Benefits Such as:

  • Late night, next day funding with an 11:00 p.m. Eastern cut-off time – one of the latest in the industry
  • Competitive rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Superior customer service
  • Best-in class online reporting tools

AND NOW, processing American Express Cards is even easier because, thanks to OptBlue, merchants will receive:

  • ONE PROCESSING RELATIONSHIP – Fast initial set-up
  • SINGLE DEPOSIT FOR ALL CARD TRANSACTIONS – Speed of pay consistent with other cards
  • SAME STATEMENT FOR ALL CARD NETWORKS – Simplified management for all card transactions and ease of reconciliation
  • ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACT FOR ALL CARD PROCESSING NEEDS – Dedicated service from one point of contact

Merchant base expanded to include those processing up to $1M in American Express Card annual charge volume.

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