Fast Merchant Approvals

Accounts Approved & Boarded in 60 Minutes!


Since time is money, we help you to set up new merchant accounts quickly so you can complete one sale and then focus on the next.

Here are some of the ways that Clearent’s fast merchant account approval and boarding process can help grow your business:

  • Fast turnarounds – low-risk merchants are approved and boarded in less than an hour, ready for download
  • Save time (it’s money, remember) – our online application and boarding system is easy to learn and use
  • Get branded! – grow your brand with customized merchant applications that feature your logo
  • Get it right the first time – on-screen tips and automatic error checks reduce mistakes that can cause service issues and slow down processing credit card payments
  • Knowledge is power – we make it easy to track the status of your applications online!

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See how Clearent’s underwriting process makes it easier and faster to set up new merchant accounts.

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