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The Fast Path to EMV.

Our turnkey integration prevents you from having to endure lengthy EMV certifications with multiple hardware and software vendors. Our semi-integrated EMV solution is all you need to streamline the EMV migration process and save time and money.

Help your merchants increase sales with a faster, more secure checkout experience. Clearent is one of the first adopters of the latest Quick Chip technology for EMV that reduces chip card transaction processing times from 15 seconds to 2 seconds. And you can choose from a variety of payment devices.

Data Security & PCI Compliance

Protect sensitive cardholder data. Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) protects sensitive card data in flight and keeps it encrypted as it moves through the payment system, which makes the data worthless in the event of a breach.

Securely store cardholder information for future use. Tokenization can be used to replace sensitive card data with a token that is used for future purchases. Data is stored in Clearent’s secure card vault and reduces the ISV’s and merchant’s PCI scope because they are not storing sensitive card information. With recurring payments, your merchants can automate repeat payments or run ad hoc transactions without having to re-enter cardholder information.

Removes ISV from PCI PA-DSS scope, and potentially out of scope for PCI altogether. Our semi-integrated EMV solution is PCI compliant, therefore the ISV’s solution does not need to be. For your merchants, this reduces their PCI scope, making compliance faster, easier and less expensive, because sensitive cardholder data is not stored or transmitted on their systems.

With a Clearent merchant account, your customers can…

Accept payments anywhere. No matter where your customers want to accept payments – on a traditional terminal, online, on a mobile device or over the phone they can. This helps you strengthen your brand and create more loyal customers so you can grow your business.

Accept payments online and completely remove themselves from PCI scope. Merchants can securely accept payments on their website with Clearent’s Hosted Payments Pages and forms. They simply copy and paste a few lines of code to add customizable forms and buttons to any web page.

Easily read their merchant statements. Clearent offers one of the clearest statements in the industry, which means that your merchants will have less questions for you. We also have a clear conscience about rate increases – we’ve never issued one across our portfolio and take a hard stance against hidden fees.

Improve cash flow by getting their deposit the next business day. Clearent offers true Next Day Funding with our 11 P.M. Eastern cut-off time, which is one of the latest in the industry. Merchants get their money faster thanks to an actual ACH deposit – not a memo post – so funds are truly available when merchants need them most.

Protect their business from a data breach. With Clearent’s DataGuardian compliance and security program, merchants have access to easy tools and resources to help prevent a breach and get a $100,000 data breach protection policy in the event one occurs.

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