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Agent Program

If you want a partner to help you grow your merchant portfolio, our agent bank program is just what you need.

Referral Program

If you're looking to generate new revenue without committing a lot of resources, our referral program is the solution for you.


When it comes to growing your merchant portfolio and boosting your fee-based income, Clearent’s financial institution merchant services program can’t be beat. With five-star customer service and leading edge processing technology that was designed from the ground up to meet your needs, Clearent is your ideal partner.

Our financial institution merchant services programs include:

  • A free PCI program
  • True next day funding
  • Thorough, yet simple, online reporting that’s updated daily
  • The best merchant statement in the business
  • Unrivaled business intelligence tools that highlight your profitability
  • A simple, no hassle boarding system
  • Unmatched customer service and integrity

When you partner with Clearent for your financial institution’s merchant services program, you’re partnering with an industry leader that is committed to your growth and profitability!

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