Which Mobile Payment Apps Are Secure?

Secure Mobile Phone

In a recent blog post I summarized Visa’s best practices for mobile payments. Until the PCI Security Standards Council finalizes its plan for validating the PCI DSS compliance of mobile payment applications, I bet that Visa’s guidelines will become the de facto standard. In fact, ROAM Data recently announced that it follows Visa’s recommendations. But until there is an official list of certified applications, financial institutions and merchants will have to judge the security of mobile apps for themselves.

We decided to evaluate some popular mobile apps against Visa’s best practices to see how they compare. Please keep in mind that this should not be construed as a rigorous security analysis of these applications. Rather it’s a quick check to see which applications have the major features recommended by Visa based on the best publicly available information.

Also, keep in mind that security is just one of several important aspects of mobile payments. Other key factors include processing speed, reliability of the card reader, pricing, simplicity and features such as tips and taxes.

How do popular mobile payment options stack up on Visa’s mobile payment best practices? We completed this chart based on the most accurate information we could find.









Innovation in mobile payments is lightning fast, so this article will likely be out of date very soon. That’s why we will do our best to keep you informed of important updates on PCI DSS compliance and mobile payment security.

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