Why Clearent?


When it comes to helping ISOs and financial institutions increase their merchant portfolios and profits, the choice is clear, the choice is Clearent! We offer processing solutions and unrivaled partner features that make us the premier debit and credit card processor for ISOs and financial institutions.

In stark contrast to processors that offer rigid systems built on outdated technology, spotty customer service and high PCI fees, we deliver flexible merchant pricing options, true next day funding, free PCI assessments, and the industry’s absolute best merchant service. That’s not all! We also deliver fast approval times, on-time, accurate residuals and Compass, our unrivaled online reporting system.

You need a processor that’s stretching and growing – not one who’s standing still. How else will you be able to take advantage of the latest trends in credit card processing? At Clearent, we’ve experienced triple-digit growth rates for the past four years, and we just made our inaugural appearance on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies! This proves that we’re not content with just looking at the here and now – we’re focused on the future!

Based in Missouri, the Show-Me state, we invite you to let us show you how our unique approach can better serve your credit card processing needs. You’ll see that the choice is Clearent!

  • ISOs


    We’re one of the industry’s best credit card processing companies, and we’re not afraid to say it. Our unique capabilities help ISOs grow their portfolios and residual income and we provide simple tools that make running their business easier.

  • Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions

    We offer a differentiated merchant services program to help financial institutions increase their fee income and create more loyal commercial relationships. Contact us to learn about the best merchant service for your accounts.

  • Merchants


    When it comes to providing the best merchant service, Clearent is unmatched, providing free PCI questionnaires, crystal clear online reporting (that’s updated daily, not weekly) and the industry’s absolute best merchant support. Put us to the test and see for yourself.


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