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Clearent is a Inc. 5000 CompanyAt Clearent we like to keep things simple. Our goal is to be one of the world’s very best credit card processing companies, and our way of achieving it is pretty simple. We provide the kind of passionate service that people really don’t expect anymore, the kind that makes customers enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and colleagues. Couple that with transparency, integrity and innovation and you’ll find a company that never stops looking for ways to make our clients more profitable. These things have put us on the fast track for growth and helped us land at #975 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies!

Simple right?

Founded in 2005, we built Clearent from the ground up to be a different kind of payment processor, the kind that brings a whole new dynamic to the industry, going beyond transactions to build long term relationships and provide our clients with the tools and insights that make a difference. Simple is good. Partner with us and see for yourself!

What makes Clearent a different kind of credit card processing company?

Leading-Edge Technology

Leading Edge Technology
  • We built a better mousetrap: Our product is unique in the market and powered by our proprietary “back-end” processing platform.
  • Flexible pricing: Our flexible merchant pricing options win more business.
  • Next day funding: Offer your merchants true next day funding with a late cut-off time.
  • Add merchants faster: Our superior online boarding system helps you get merchants set up and running faster.
  • On-the-money analysis: Our visual portfolio analysis tools give you the insight to increase profits and merchant retention.
  • We listen! We use your feedback to constantly enhance our products. Is there another payment processor that can say that?

First Class Service

First Class Service
  • Speed counts: Get fast approvals – low risk applications are processed in less than 60 minutes.
  • A working partnership: We’re a trusted partner that treats you with honesty and integrity.
  • Rave reviews: Our friendly and responsive customer support gets rave reviews.
  • Expert answers: Got a question or an issue? Receive expert answers from professionals with decades of experience.

Unique Approach to PCI

Unique Approach to PCI
  • Win new business – rather than lose existing business – with our merchant friendly PCI program.
  • Protect your profits: Save money with our free PCI self assessment tool.
  • Simple is good: Simplified PCI questionnaires save merchants time and are easier to complete.
  • Know your status: Our online reports allow you to easily monitor your portfolio’s status at-a-glance.

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