Clearent Launches Quick Chip Technology for EMV to Software Vendors


May 17, 2017

With a turnkey integration, software vendors can enable EMV with faster checkouts to improve sales and customer experience

Today Clearent launched Quick Chip technology for EMV, a solution that significantly speeds up chip card transactions to make them just as fast as a card swipe. Software vendors can implement the new technology in less than a week with Clearent’s Semi-Integrated EMV solution.

More than 70% of U.S. merchants have yet to adopt EMV according to The Strawhecker Group’s survey, despite the 2015 liability shift that made them liable for in-person counterfeit card fraud. There are several factors that have deterred adoption including slow chip card transaction times and a complex EMV certification process for point-of-sale (POS) providers. Quick Chip technology solves the transaction time issue for merchants by making chip card payments as seamless and fast as a 2-second card swipe.

A standard EMV network certification for a software vendor takes 3-6 months for each integration – software, hardware, and processor. With Clearent’s Semi-Integrated EMV solution, payment data bypasses the POS solution altogether – keeping it out of scope for EMV certification. Semi-integration also prevents the POS solution from needing to be PCI PA-DSS compliant, meaning even faster time to market for the software vendor. For the software vendor’s merchants, it reduces their PCI scope, making compliance faster, easier and less expensive, because sensitive cardholder data is not stored or transmitted on their systems.

Clearent worked with Visa to offer Quick Chip technology for EMV on Dejavoo’s suite of POS terminals. “With Quick Chip, merchants will be able to have faster, more secure checkouts. The new Quick Chip for EMV technology is really a win-win for merchants and their customers,” says Stephanie Ericksen, Vice President of Risk and Authentication Products at Visa. “Clearent was among the first payment processors to complete certification of a Quick Chip solution and will be able to offer their partners and merchants an improved EMV checkout experience with the new technology.”

“By offering Quick Chip for EMV technology, software vendors can provide a seamless payment experience that will help improve merchant retention,” said Dan Geraty, CEO of Clearent. “We were very fortunate to be included in Visa’s Quick Chip VAR Incentive Program. It helped us get certified in under two months for both contact and contactless chip and be among the first processors in the U.S. to offer Quick Chip for EMV technology for all major payment brands.”

Software vendors can learn more by visiting or they can call Matthew Stanley on our ISV team directly at 919.916.5809.

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