Clearent Announces Hosted Payments for eCommerce


June 28, 2016

Clearent, one of the fastest-growing payment processing companies in the U.S., today announced the release of its Hosted Payment buttons and forms. With eCommerce sales totaling $341.7 billion in 2015(1) and growing by 36.2% annually(2), now more than ever, online retailers are looking for innovative, secure digital payment methods. Hosted payments provide an innovative way to securely accept digital payments virtually anywhere.

Clearent’s Hosted Payment buttons and forms are easy-to-use and are fully customizable so they blend seamlessly into existing websites and applications. And because all information is processed through Clearent’s PCI-compliant platform, transactions are completed without ever having to touch or pass through the business’ website, server, or internal systems. This removes the business owner from the risk of handling sensitive card data and reduces their PCI scope. All of this occurs instantly, without the consumer ever having to leave the business’ website.

As data security and PCI compliance become increasingly more critical to today’s cardholders and businesses, the demand for easy-to-use and secure eCommerce payment and checkout solutions is at an all-time high. Many eCommerce businesses are unaware or unable to meet the strict standards for accepting and transmitting sensitive card data through their websites or mobile apps. Clearent’s payments developer team custom built the company’s Hosted Payment solutions to meet this need.

With its fully customizable design and simple set up, Clearent’s Hosted Payments are one of the most user-friendly payment solutions available today. In the past, businesses and developers had to work with clunky, complicated “pay now” buttons and forms that allowed little to no customization and even worse, redirected consumers away from the business’ website to make a purchase. This resulted in lost sales as consumers often abandoned the checkout process because they were unsure who was processing the payment.

Clearent’s full suite of eCommerce payment solutions also includes a WordPress Plug-In, simple API, as well as integrations through OpenCart and other existing eCommerce platforms. Working alongside Internet retailers, Clearent continues to add additional features to help alleviate the common headaches associated with integrating payments into web and mobile applications. With Hosted Payments, Clearent provides a solution to handle PCI-compliance and easily accept payments online.

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